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Valued Barbecue Customer,

The barbecue which you have purchased should provide you with years of enjoyable outdoor cooking experiences. Gas barbecues are relatively low maintenance. However as with all cooking units, cleaning and periodic servicing will prolong their usable life. Occasionally some parts may need replacing.

We are pleased to offer our on site specialist BBQ cleaning and repair service in the Bangkok area follows: 

1. Regular service call to check working components or assist with assembly etc. Baht 1000. 

2. On-site BBQ service and cleaning including a check up of the working components, burner cleaning, BBQ body cleaning with manufacturers Barbie Sparkle, drip tray cleaning including a new pack of Grease Absorbent. Price starts from Baht 2500-3500.

3. Replacement part prices in Baht for 2, 3 and 4 Burner Barbecues.


3 Burner 4 Burner
Cast Grill Grate Cooking Section      1,800.00


Cast Hotplate Cooking Section 2,100.00 2,500.00
Regulator and Hose    1,300.00 1,300.00
Cast Burners (each) 650.00 650.00
Grease Absorbent Pack 350.00 350.00

You can schedule your barbecue service by contacting 02 662 6665 or email info@bbqthai.com 
Kindly allow us as much advance warning as possible, during busy times we may not always
have staff immediately available.

You may wish to check our new range of ACCESSORIES to make your grilling even easier. If you require any of these accessories be sure to confirm your order with us and we will email you an invoice, bring the accessories and accept payment at the same time we are servicing your BBQ. 

For images and prices of our new range of top quality imported barbecues
please visit our website at 


The Barbecue Store : 21 Sukhumvit Soi 39, Bangkok
Office: 02 662 6665, 02 662 6437 Fax: 02 662 6436
www.bbqthai.com | info@bbqthai.com